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The Origins

Albert Martin founded the company in 1964. Inspired by the
Celtic and Brittany’ culture he has created: statues, cribs,
The historical research has always been fundamental.
Regaining roots and origins by the objects contributes to
make the “Atelier d’art” essence.
Reflexion and creation around the material and the sym-
bolism are the major concerns for the Artist, going deeply
to find the inspiration.
Researching and expressing the symbols which cross over
the past and represent a part of the history of each one.
Craft Industry has become the messenger of the past in
order to live the present and inventing the future.

The Material

Albert Martin creates the material, material to touch, the
granite makes safe and leads back towards our origins.

The know how

The original is modelled in clay or modelled in cast or wax.
From the original, unique object, we build a mould which
will enable the perfect reproduction.
From Brittany complex granite, after a couple of weeks and
nine interventions fully made by the hand, the objects
seem both identical and different, as the human spirit
created it and the hand made it.
The object is now ready to live with the one who will
choose it.


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